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The Menopause – Embracing the Change

Hi there,

It’s Mary-Clare here to talk about ways of ‘Embracing the Change’  and to support women in finding ways to enjoy this most natural Biological Process. I have been working with many clients going through the Menopause and know that each one of us has a different experience.  While I am aware that there are some women that suffer many ailments during this time, I feel that most women can benefit from alternative therapies to lessen the issues and in many cases eradicate them all. In some cases clients have come through feeling better than they did before the menopause began.

Many people have benefited greatly by using Hypnotherapy, Body Stress Release and Meditation to help them discover what is needed to be released or re-programmed with the changes of their hormones; be it physical, emotional or mental.

It is important to remember that this is a time to PAUSE and create a space with respect and love; to give birth to your unique wisdom and your true beauty and brilliance.  A time to discover your purpose and find the confidence to share your bespoke wisdom and knowledge gained from your life.

So with Hypnotherapy you can begin to change your perspectives and re-programme negative thoughts and feeling. For example; by embracing the heat in your body, changing your perspective and recognising this powerful element of Fire, you can convert this into a feeling of self power and confidence.  We can begin to reprogramme the negative stories in our subconscious mind and let go of the myth of being old, unseen, unattractive or barren. Hypnotherapy is a tool to let go of unwanted thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour and redefine yourself and who you truly want to be. 

With Body Stress Release you can begin to release what no longer serves you. Releasing and rebalancing the Hormones, the diaphragm and all areas in the body holding onto stress, pain and discomfort, physically, emotionally and chemically.

For more information visit my Blog https://www.mary-clare-therapies.com/blog Mary-Clare-Therapies for more support with your natural biological process so you can feel balanced and begin to thrive during this beautiful cycle of life – The Menopause.


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